Rachel Stallings – Future Generation Jazz Scholarship winner 2017

Rachel Stallings
Rim of the World High School Class of 2017
Belmont University – Vanderbilt University Marching Band
Future Generation Jazz Scholarship winner 2017

“College is a crazy experience! I’ve loved getting to meet new people, live in a new city, and make my own little life, but the best part by far has been joining the marching band. I got the opportunity to play for Vanderbilt’s marching band for three years, traveling to other SEC schools for away games, being absorbed into pregame traditions, and forming a close bond with the rest of my drum line. The college band experience has been truly the defining feature of my last four years and, although I didn’t get to march my senior year due to COVID restrictions, I still hold all those memories near to my heart. Throughout all the stresses of college life, it was pivotal for me to have a close group of people to hang out with multiple times a week – working together to play music, have fun, and watch football. I can’t begin to imagine what my life would look like now without those relationships I’ve formed, and I’m so glad I took the risk walking into auditions my freshman year. Band has made all the difference.”