Joshua Mainez – Future Generation Jazz Scholarship winner 2018

Joshua Mainez
Rim of the World High School Class of 2018
Fullerton College
Future Generation Jazz Scholarship winner 2018

“When I started my journey at Fullerton College, I was studying music theory and composition. Taking a few semesters worth of courses taught me a lot about music that I wish I knew sooner, but it also taught me that it would be hard to make a career out of. So, I began a search for a new major, one that would encompass my analytics and my creativity – one I would be happy doing. I ended up choosing to major in Architecture and I am thinking I made the right choice. It is that perfect blend of my skills and well…me. I think that’s the key with anything in life, you have to surround yourself with a mix of things, not just the things you love or are comfortable with. But, don’t abandon your passions, keep them so that they will help you when life hits hard (2020 is a great indication of that).”