Logan Arrowood – Future Generation Jazz Scholarship winner 2020

Logan Arrowood
2020 Blue Jay Jazz Future Generation Jazz Scholarship recipient

Hey Rim students! This is Logan Arrowood! I’m a former Rim student who just graduated in 2020. I hope you are all doing well and staying safe during this pandemic. I know there is a lot of stress on you guys right now, and that it takes a toll, because it has happened to me.

Currently I am majoring in Biology at Texas A&M University with plans to commission into the US Army as a 2nd Lieutenant at the conclusion of my 4 years here. From my time during this semester I have learned a few tips and heard some helpful advice that I hope may be of use to you.

Make sure you reach out if you start struggling. Don’t wait until the last minute when you have to scramble. If you don’t understand a topic, reach out to your teachers immediately. Every single teacher I had during my time at Rim was amazing and always willing to help, and I know they would do the same for you. They all want to see you succeed.

If you are feeling stressed or overwhelmed, please reach out to your counselors, parents. friends. or whoever you feel confident talking to. No one is meant to do this journey alone, and sometimes the stress gets to us all. It is perfectly okay to lean on others when you need it most.

And finally, don’t give up. I’m very impressed with all of you making it so far this year. This has undoubtedly been a drastic change for you all, and I know it can be challenging at times. Trust me when I say, when you are finished at Rim, you will have so many doors opened to you to go out and experience the world, however you may choose. Don’t let this situation get in the way of that.

I know all of you have what it takes to get through these challenging times, You guys can all get through this. I’m sure of it :)

Best of luck to you all,
Logan Arrowood