President’s Message

A Feast of Joy’

Blue Jay Jazz Festival welcomes
music fans back to the mountains.

September 2022

Dear Friends:

The 2022 Blue Jay Jazz Festival ‘Come Swing With Us’ was a feast of joy! If the bright open thrum of Jessy J’s saxophone, Ron King’s piercing trumpet or singer Olivia Clark’s swooning rendition of “At Last” or high school sax sensation Ara Tokatlian’s take on “Green Dolphin Street” or the fiery musicality of piano virtuoso Yuko Mabuchi wasn’t enough to give the audience chills, the stunningly beautiful, Lake Arrowhead mountain backdrop probably did the trick.

What a moment this was to see radiant faces of music fans, world class headliners and student performers in a laid-back vibe singing and swinging together again.

Thank you to everybody involved in making this year’s Festival a success. The great reviews and heartfelt testimonials from jazz aficionados, casual music lovers and newcomers alike inspired us and emboldened our commitment to providing jazz music appreciation and project-driven music education.

Music is a language the whole world speaks. Your support keeps music alive in our community and schools, providing awarding winning jazz entertainment events, student scholarships, musical instruments and access to inclusive, engaging music education.

For more than 3 decades the Blue Jay Jazz Festival has lured music lovers to our mountains by creating an incomparable experience that brings audiences back year after year.

Stay tuned, more website videos and photos from ‘Come Swing With Us’ are on the way.

Keep Swinging!

Chris Levister

Chris Levister
Blue Jay Jazz Foundation – President